The use of distraction device for fractures of the hand metacarpal bones

Асилова С.У., Ходжаев Ш.Ш., Хайдаров А.К., Рахбарова Д.А., Нуримов Г.К.


The disadvantages and traumatic nature of open osteosynthesis of bone fragments allowed researchers to use a distraction device for closed osteosynthesis in case of metacarpal bone fractures. The principal aim of the work is to show the advantage of closed osteosynthesis consisting in prevention of mixing bone fragments after their closed reposition, as well as in firm holding the fragments until their complete union is achieved. This technique of treatment has been performed in 30 patients with metacarpal bone fractures of different types. The analysis of treatment outcomes has demonstrated that good results are obtained in 74% of cases and satisfactory ones – in 24%.


metacarpal bone, surgical treatment with devices, osteosynthesis


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