Continuity of surgical and conservative treatment variants for complications of limb long bone fractures

Никитин С.Е., Паршиков М.В., Елдзаров П.Е., Стеклов А.А.


The work is based on the analysis of treatment of 129 patients (within the period from 2003 to 2010) with consequences of the lower limb bone fractures under instable osteosynthesis in order to prove the need for orthetics in the system of treating limb long bone fractures using individual and serial constructs. When the effectiveness of treatment was evaluated in patients, their functional activity – mobility and walking – was taken into consideration beside the results of clinical and x-ray examination. Modern orthetics should be an integral part of treatment process, and it should have the objective validity in case of treatment stage changing.


fractures of long tubular bones, instable osteosynthesis, ortheticotherapy


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