Contemporary understanding the conditions of fracture consolidation, and the possibility of their creation with fixators of different types (Review of literature)

Мартель И.И., Мацукатов Ф.А., Шигарев В.М., Бойчук С.П.


Transosseous osteosynthesis has significant potential the realization of which implies performing systematic work to improve the devices for external fixation. And in this situation the main emphasis should be aimed at improving their reposition characteristics, the possibilities for producing an optimal balance of forces at the junction of fragments and providing stable fixation. These requirements have been successfully implemented in Matsukidis-Shevtsov device, thereby allowing to achieve high anatomic and functional results of treatment.


transosseous osteosynthesis, external fixation device, fracture, reposition, rigidity, stability, regeneration, consolidation


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