The structural mechanisms of increasing the porosity of long bone cortical plates for transosseous distraction osteosynthesis

Щудло Н.А., Щудло М.М.


The cortical plates of femoral and leg bone shaft in 6 dogs have been studied by the digital images of histological sections, X-rays, computer tomograms, as well as by 3D-reconstructions made on the basis of serial tomographic scans at the stages of distraction transosseous osteosynhesis with an external fixator. Residual deformations and foci of high porosity with active remodeling have been found in tibiae after flexion osteoclasis at distraction diastasis level, that is not characteristic of femurs after osteotomy with a Gigli saw. Cortical plate microtraumatizing for plastic deformations is considered to be a trigger of reparative remodeling process.


cortical plates, plastic deformations, mirotraumatizing, distraction transosseous osteosynhesis, reparative remodeling


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