Complication of laser-induced thermal therapy for Baker’s cyst

Chernyadiev S.A., Aretinskiy V.B., Zhilyakov A.V., Korobova N.Y., Kutepov S.M.


Interventional laser-induced thermal therapy (LITT) is an emerging technique to treat popliteal synovial cysts. The goal of LITT is coagulation and subsequent obliteration of inosculation and cystic cavity under local tumescent anesthesia. Ultrasound is an imaging method used for LITT. Analyzing the results of the use of laser obliteration of Baker's cyst, the authors concluded that obliteration of solely the cystic popliteal cavity can provide persistent recovery. As expected, in any invasive procedure, there are some procedure-related adverse events or complications.


Baker’s cyst; laser-induced thermal therapy; complication

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