Analysis of the use of technical means for rehabilitation of patients with spastic types of cerebral palsy depending on the level of patient’ motor function

Dzhomardly E.I., Koltsov A.A.


Spastic types of cerebral palsy are around 80 % of all CP cases diagnosed. They feature early secondary orthopedic complications, for the prevention of which, within the framework of comprehensive rehabilitation treatment, technical means of rehabilitation (TMR) have been widely used, and first of all, individual and model orthoses. Currently, there are no clear indications for their application.
To determine the variants of orthoses and their distribution depending on the level of motor activity of patients with spastic types of cerebral palsy according to the GMFCS classification.
Materials and methods
A retrospective analysis of 662 patients with spastic types of cerebral palsy aged from two to 17 years for the period from 2007 to 2017 was conducted. All the patients were divided into 5 groups according to the levels of motor activity by GMFCS classification. Statistical data processing was performed using Statistica 10 and Excel software packages.
Analysis showed that patients used 15 TMR types, of which 14 were orthoses of different designs. Intergroup differences in the spectrum of applied TMR were statistically confirmed. Statistically significant differences were found in pairwise comparison of all groups of patients with at least one type of means; maximum differences in 8 types of TMR were found in pairs of groups GMFCS 2 and 4, and GMFCS 2 and 5.
Technical means of rehabilitation are widely used by patients with spastic types of cerebral palsy for complex medical rehabilitation. The variability of the number and scope of TMR was found and depended on the level of motor activity. Given the above, it is important to further study the role of technical means in the medical rehabilitation of patients with cerebral palsy, including the development of guidelines for their application.


cerebral palsy, orthoses, spasticity, contractures, level of motor activity, rehabilitation, GMFCS, technical means of rehabilitation

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