Current state of the problem of osteoplasty in treatment of lunate bone aseptic necrosis

Топыркин В.Г., Филимонова А.А., Богов А.А.


All the available methods for treatment of lunate bone aseptic necrosis have been considered and their efficiency – analyzed in the review. Osteoplasty technique takes the leading positions in treatment of Kienböck's disease due to its greatest efficiency and surgeons’ and patients’ satisfaction with surgical outcomes. The best results appear to be achieved by the procedure of vascularized bone grafting. The anatomy of donor site blood supply has been described and illustrated in detail. Vascularized bone grafts by dorsal approach, obtained from distal radial epimetaphysis pedicled from the arteries passing in 4 or 5 channels of the hand extensor tendons, as well as from the distal and proximal epimetaphyses of 2-3 metacarpal bones pedicled from the second dorsal metacarpal artery, are considered to be the most easy to use and anatomically favorable.


vascularized bone grafting, aseptic necrosis of lunate bone, Kienböck's disease


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