Mathematical modeling of the biomechanics of femoral components by proximal fixation

Сеидов И.И., Загородний Н.В., Хаджихараламбус К., Веяль Н.М.


The stress-strain condition which occurs due to the impact of the most critical functional loads in “femoral component of the hip endoprosthesis-bone structures” system has been analyzed by the finite element method using ANSYS software. A standard-size series of the three-dimensional models has been developed which are anatomically similar to both femoral natural shaft and femoral "CORAIL" and "TAPERLOCK" implanted stem (of appropriate sizes). The analysis made has revealed that the shifts for the friction coefficient of 100 do not significantly differ from the similar data for natural bone under the conditions of the osteointegration taken place, as well as it confirms the mechanical compatibility of "CORAIL" and "TAPERLOCK" femoral components.


arthroplasty, proximal fixation, femoral component, load distribution, mathematical modeling


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