Functional-metabolic state of neutrophilic phagocytes in patients with articular diseases before performing primary and revision arthroplasty

Кузнецова Е.И., Чегуров О.К., Камшилов Б.В., Каминский А.В., Чепелева М.В.


40 patients with the knee and the hip osteoarthrosis (OA) have been examined in order to study neutrophil functional-metabolic activity when preparing to perform arthroplasty procedure and in case of the development of aseptic artificial joint instability. According to the data obtained, the intensification of neutrophil functional-metabolic activity is observed in both groups, oxygen-dependent metabolism of neutrophil phagocytes begins to dominate for the development of aseptic endoprosthesis instability through phagocytosis activation and enhancement of phagocytic digesting function. Therefore, in the long-term periods after large joint arthroplasty the following parameters of neutrophil phagocytic activity become the most significant diagnostically: PI (phagocytic index), PN (phagocytic number), IPC (index of phagocytosis completeness), НСТ-test, CP (cation proteins).


phagocytic activity of neutrophils, osteoarthrosis, revision arthroplasty


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