The role of biorhythms in scattering the results of dynamic studying peripheral blood leukocytes at the preoperative stage (with an example of total hip replacement)

Аврунин А.С.


The significant scattering of the parameters of different leukocyte forms with its range exceeding the technique error has been revealed in the process of preoperative dynamic examination of 826 patients preparing for primary total hip arthroplasty and 482 ones – for revision hip arthroplasty. The blood tests of seven practically normal volunteers performed during 30 consecutive days demonstrated the same range of scattering, as well as a fluctuating character of changes in the parameters studied. The levels of total leukocyte content, stab and segmented neutrophils and lymphocytes in peripheral blood fluctuated at hemicircaseptanic intervals, and the level of monocytes – at circaseptanic intervals. The fluctuations occurred around the trend, the value of which changed with circadiseptanic and close to circavigintanic periods. The data suggest these biorhythms to be the cause of the scattering observed.


the hip replacement, preoperative testing, biorhythms, leukocytes, granulocytes, monocytes, lymphocytes


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