Comprehensive assessment of the risk factors contributing to the development of the hip dysplasia

Каменских М.С., Шарпарь В.Д., Стрелков Н.С., Ислентьев А.В.


The results of questionnaire of 308 children (observation group – 151 children with the hip dysplasia, control group – 158 children with unchanged hips) using the cards of medicosocial studying the hip dysplasia risk are demonstrated in the work. The data were processed using the methods of statistical analysis. A number of risk factors (12 factors) significantly influencing the development of the hip dysplasia in children was revealed. Newborns with the history of 4 and more factors combined and high relative risk can constitute a group of the hip dysplasia risk. Taking it into account it’s possible to perform preventive treatment in neonatal period.


questionnaire, newborn, congenital dislocation of the hip, risk factors


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