Definition of indications for surgical treatment of funnel chest in children based on the data of echocardiography examination

Прийма Н.Ф., Комолкин И.А., Комиссаров И.А., Афанасьев А.П., Попов В.В., Щеголев Д.В.


Echocardiography examination was performed in 77 children at the age of 4-18 years with II-III Degree funnel chest. The study was performed by standard techniques. It found the changes in heart. The shape of right ventricle was changed in 35 children. The geometry of right atrium was observed in two cases. The interventricular septum mobility was studied. Hypokinesis was revealed in 5 cases, hyperkinesis – in 6 cases, and asynchronous contraction of interventricular septum – in 6 cases. The increase in the velocity characteristics of diastolic flows through the tricuspid valve was registered in 7 children.


funnel chest, echocardiography, Dopplerography


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