Special features of regional hemodynamics during internal osteosynthesis of diaphyseal fractures of leg bones

Писарев В.В., Львов С.Е., Васин И.В., Тихомолова Э.В.


60 subjects with leg bone fractures have been examined. 40 patients underwent plate osteosynthesis, 20 were included in the control group. Duplex scanning of vessels and rheovasography examination were used in order to study leg and feet circulation. The studies were performed on Day 5 and Day 10, one, two, three and four months after surgery. The process of leg tissue regeneration for internal osteosynthesis has been established to occur under the conditions of reduced arterial blood flow, microcirculation low level and enhanced venous outflow with their staged recovery in parallel with limb motor activity expansion. Surgical treatment of leg bone fractures leads to the decrease of the blood flow parameters of the foot and contralateral leg.


leg, fracture, osteosynthesis, rheovasography, duplex scanning, hemodynamics


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