Follow-up care of children with vertebral body compression fractures (evidence from Saint Petersburg)

Baindurashvili A.G., Zaletina A.V., Vissarionov S.V., Solovyova K.S.



The incidence of compression spine injuries account for 0.49 % to 0.9 % of total pediatric trauma victims. Spine fractures constitute 7.5 % to 14.6 % of all inpatient hospital admissions and require conservative treatment. The aim of the study is to analyze the system of outpatient rehabilitation of pediatric compression vertebral fractures at follow-up care provided in St. Petersburg.

Material and methods

Medical records of 1230 children and adolescents who sustained compression fractures of the vertebral bodies and were followed up by orthopaedic surgeons in St. Petersburg between 2011 and 2017 have been reviewed.

Results and discussion

Pediatric bone fractures constituted 24.8 % of total injuries registered in St. Petersburg in 2017. From pediatric vertebral body victims, 53 % were boys and 47 % were girls. Vertebral fractures were most common in children aged nine, ten and eleven years (range, 13% - 14 %). A system of consistent non-operative treatment performed for the patients at trauma departments of children's hospitals, through inpatient and outpatient services of rehabilitation and restorative treatments, follow-up care in the outpatient setting is presented.


The incidence of pediatric bone injury and vertebral body compression fractures is higher in St. Petersburg than the average incidence reported in the Russian Federation. Questions of overdiagnosis of vertebral body compression fractures in pediatric population are considered to be important and relevant. An overview of treatment options and strategies, utilization of braces, follow-up term required for children with compression vertebral body fractures suggests revised approaches to treatment methods, length of inpatient management and follow-up care.


vertebral compression fracture, conservative treatment, follow-up care, children

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