Changes in hemodynamics of the hip components of the patient with Perthes disease during treatment using the Ilizarov fixator(for practitioners and researchers)

Бунов В.С., Олейников Е.В., Парфёнов Э.М.


Purpose. To demonstrate the changes in X-ray picture and regional hemodynamics at the stage of treating the patient using the Ilizarov fixator.
Materials and Methods. The changes in hemodynamics of acetabular roof and femoral head demonstrated at the stages of Perthes disease treatment using the Ilizarov fixator. The results showed a favourable treatment outcome.
Results. Reparative processes became dominating in the femoral epiphysis under the treatment influence, and its recovery started. The changes occurred with the enhancement of regional circulation both in bone and in paraosseous tissues, which provided the increase of blood inflow to the magistral arteries.
Conclusion. Combining the techniques of transosseous osteosynthesis, tunneling and autologous blood infusion into the problem areas for Perthes disease is rather effective by providing regional circulation improvement and stimulating restorative processes.


Perthes disease, radiography, rheography, hemodynamics


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