Complex treatment of chronic osteomyelitis in children using "CollapAn" implants

Снетков А.И., Симонова А.В., Франтов А.Р., Батраков С.Ю., Акиньшина А.Д.


Purpose. Substantiation of “CollapAn” implant use for treatment of chronic osteomyelitis in children.
Material and Methods. “CollapAn” granules implanted intraoperatively into a pre-debrided focus. "CollapAn” gel introduced by puncture using computer tomography control. Patients underwent monitoring of immune status laboratory parameters with medicamental correction pre- and postoperatively. Associated chronic diseases treated.
Results. Good result obtained in most patients, repeat surgical intervention not required. “CollapAn” use combined with directed immune correction provides persistent remission for 5 years and more.
Conclusion. Not only pathological focus debridement with further defect filling is important in treatment of chronic osteomyelitis, but medicamental therapy of associated diseases as well with subsequent prolonged systematic monitoring of laboratory blood parameters for timely prevention of recurrence.


CollapAn, chronic osteomyelitis, immune status


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