Pathogenetic treatment of large joint osteoarthritis at the clinic for sports medicine

Cherkasova V.G., Murav'yev S.V., Chaynikov P.N., Kulesh A.M., Wetzler M.V.


The paper discusses the etiology, pathogenesis, pathomorphology and pathophysiology of osteoarthritis of large joints from the perspective of evidencebased medicine. The processes occurring in the tissues of the joints during the development of the pathological process at various stages are described in detail; the features of diagnosis and treatment in sports medicine are described in detail. The characteristic of drugs used to treat osteoarthritis is described, with a description of the positive effect and negative effect on particular organs and systems. A preparation Alflutop was comprehensively analysed regarding its effectiveness in terms of safety and impact on the development of the pathological process. It was shown that Alflutop is a drug of choice in the treatment of joint destruction.


osteoarthrosis, etiology, pathogenesis, pathomorphology, treatment, Alflutop

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