The experience in using a skin-plasty technique in combination with the Ilizarov fixator applying for treatment of foot injury with extensive soft tissue defect (A case report)

Свириденко А.С., Люлин С.В., Мухтяев С.В., Мещерягина И.А., Девятых Р.В., Шелепов А.В.


The authors presented a rare clinical case – male patient K., 21 years old, with an extensive scalped wound of the right foot, an open fracture of the first metatarsal bone in the middle third, traumatic avulsion at the middle third level of the proximal phalanx of the right foot toes IV and V, Degree I traumatic shock. A technique of foot skin plasty combined with fixation according to Ilizarov (using the Ilizarov fixator) was used in order to maintain weight-bearing.


scalped wound, traumatic amputation, osteosynthesis, Ilizarov fixator, skin plasty


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