Prediction and control of the distraction osteogenesis course. Analytical review

Aranovich A.M., Stogov M.V., Kireeva E.A., Menshchikova T.I.


This review analyzes and assesses the existing methods and approaches to prediction and control of the course of distraction osteogenesis (DO). The analysis of the literature revealed few works that recommended specific predictors or methods for prognosis of the course of distraction osteogenesis at the stages of limb lengthening. The authors identified some diagnostic criteria for assessing the distraction regenerate as potential criteria for predicting its development and maturation. It was found that all available predictors and potential diagnostic criteria for assessing the state of the distraction regenerate in clinical practice are used to further correct the distraction regime (respectively, at the stage of distraction) and to determine the timing of the removal of the apparatus, as well as prognosis of recurrence, fracture, and deformity of the regenerate in the non-apparatus period. It was shown that all known diagnostic methods can be applied for the assessment and prediction of the DO course: radiological, physiological, ultrasound diagnostics, laboratory tests. It is stated that a quantitative assessment of the informative value of most of the known predictors of DO disorders is necessary from the point of view of the evidence-based medicine. Difficulties and problems of the development and application of prognostic tests for assessing DO are described. The directions to the development of this topic are proposed. Predicting the DO course is an essential element for monitoring the tissue repair of the segment under lengthening. Prediction and subsequent prophylaxis of DO disorders is a promising solution for optimizing and improving the quality of treatment of patients with orthopedic diseases by using the Ilizarov method of transosseous distraction osteosynthesis.


distraction osteosynthesis, Ilizarov method, limb lengthening, prediction

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