Metabolic bone tissue disorders in patients with long bone fractures complicated by chronic osteomyelitis

Tsiskarashvili A.V., Rodionova S.S., Mironov S.P., Bukhtin K.M., Gorbatiuk D.S., Taraskin A.I.


The article deals with a topic of how disorders of bone tissue metabolism affect the treatment outcomes after fractures of long bones complicated by chronic osteomyelitis.
To study the feasibility of therapy aimed at correcting metabolic disorders in the bone tissue in patients with long bone fractures complicated by chronic osteomyelitis.
Materials and methods
Assessment of bone metabolic disorders in fractures of long bones complicated by chronic osteomyelitis, and of the effectiveness of treatment involving a combined therapy including surgical, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory treatment, and also a drug correction of the metabolic disorders detected. A retrospective study was conducted with stratified randomization of comparison groups.
Changes in bone remodeling that are specific to this group of patients with increased resorption intensity were identified. In addition, high frequency of secondary hyperparathyroidism and metabolic disorders of the D hormone was observed in the patients with this pathology. The effectiveness of a combination of drugs for the correction of bone tissue metabolism disorders (calcium supplements, osseinhydroxyapatite complex, active metabolite of vitamin D and bisphosphonate) was evaluated by comparing the terms of consolidation.
Evidence was obtained of a significant reduction in the duration of treatment in the external fixation device by using the combined therapy aimed at correcting bone tissue metabolism.


chronic osteomyelitis, osteoporosis, delayed consolidation, anti-resorption therapy, transosseous osteosynthesis

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