Reconstruction of the hip in school-age children with congenital hip dislocation

Тёпленький М.П., Олейников Е.В.


Purpose. To analyze the immediate and intermediate results of reconstructive treatment of school-age children with the hip dislocation.
Materials and Methods. The results of treatment studied in 27 children (30 joints) at the age of 7-17 years with congenital dislocation of the hip. Closed dislocation reposition with the Ilizarov fixator performed in all the cases with subsequent stage-by-stage correction of the joint pelvic and femoral components. Clinical and roentgenological assessment made by Colton and Severin criteria.
Results. Dislocation recurrence observed in 2 cases (6.7%), and aseptic necrosis of femoral head noted in 3 cases (10%). Good results achieved in 67%, unsatisfactory ones – in 10%.
Conclusion. The presented technology of the hip reconstruction with the Ilizarov fixator provided sufficient articular stability and didn’t lead to irreversible changes in joint components in most cases despite the marked initial anatomic-and-functional disorders and rejection of conventional reposition techniques.


congenital dislocation of the hip, the Ilizarov fixator, dysplastic coxarthrosis, children


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