Evaluation of clinical and functional status of patients following total hip replacement

Kolesnikov S.V., Diachkova G.V., Kamshilov B.V., Kolesnikova E.S.


Total hip replacement and total knee replacement are one of the most commonly performed orthopaedic procedures and available assessment tools designed to measure functional outcomes are widely discussed in the literature. Organization and assessment of results of restorative treatment are important issues of total joint arthroplasty. The objective of the study was to evaluate functional status of patients after THR and non-operated subjects with coxarthrosis using scales and tests accepted as quality of life measures.
Material and methods
Clinical and functional status (pain intensity, impairment of limb function) was evaluated in 151 THR patients and non-operated coxarthrosis patients using WOMAC, VAS, Harris Hip Score, the Lequesne Index and McGill Pain Questionnaire.
THR patients showed less pain intensity and stiffness as compared to controls (p less 0.05) with no significant differences in severity of functional disorders before and after THR (p > 0.05).
The findings suggested that deficits in function in THR patients required rehabilitation interventions at different postoperative time points.


total hip replacement, coxarthrosis, functional deficit, scales, tests

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