Our experience of performing intramedullary elastic stable osteosynthesis in treatment of shaft femoral fractures in children

Первунинская Ю.Е., Попков Д.А.


Purpose. To analyze the early experience of using intramedullary stable elastic osteosynthesis in the Regional Red Cross Children Hospital of Kurgan.
Materials and Methods. A retrospective analysis of the results of treating shaft femoral fractures using intramedullary stable elastic osteosynthesis made in 25 children. The fractures were closed and localized at the shaft level in all cases. In one case the fracture was pathologic through fibroma. There were no acute vascular and neurological disorders in any case.
Results. The periods of surgical treatment from the time of injury varied within 1-69 days. The implant removed in 17 children, union of proper alignment achieved in all cases with complete recovery of the lower limb function. The complications occurred during treatment had no effects on the periods of consolidation and functional recovery.
Conclusion. The results of treatment suggest the effectiveness of the method of intramedullary elastic stable osteosynthesis for shaft femoral fractures in children at the age of 5 years and older.


intramedullary elastic stable osteosynthesis, shaft femoral fractures, children


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