Treatment of children and adolescents with olecranon fractures by transosseous osteosynthesis technique

Мартель И.И., Горбунов Э.В.


Purpose. To evaluate the effectiveness of transosseous osteosynthesis technique according to Ilizarov for treatment of olecranon fractures in children and adolescents.
Material and Methods. The analysis of treating 14 patients at the age of below 17 years with closed olecranon fractures used. Transverse (6 – 42.9%) and oblique (6 – 42.9%) fractures dominated by nature. There were comminuted fractures in two cases (14.2%). All the injured subjects underwent osteosynthesis using the Ilizarov fixator.
Results. Standardized “Outcome Classifications: Fracture Outcomes” by ER. Mattis used. Among 12 patients followed-up in the long-term period the result evaluated in 99 points (maximum 100) in 6 patients, in the others the score was 96-98 points. Conclusion. The technique of transosseous osteosynthesis with the Ilizarov fixator for olecranon fractures allows to achieve proper relations in the elbow and provides stable fixation of bone fragments throughout the period of treatment.


children, adolescents, olecranon, fractures, osteosynthesis, the Ilizarov fixator


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