Management of posttraumatic long bone defects in the national orthopedic practice (literature review)

Shastov A.L., Kononovich N.A., Gorbach E.N.


We present present-day trends in the compensation of post-traumatic defects of long bones according to the Russian literature sources. The relevance of the problem due to the growth in the number of injuries in general and in the severity of trauma is highlighted. The basic directions in the solution of the problem of compensation of bone defects are shown. The merits and shortcomings of the available techniques as well as modern implantation materials based on hydroxyapatite, bioceramics and titanium alloys are analyzed. It has been pointed out that interdisciplinary interaction with the involvement of experts in the field of tissue engineering technologies, physicians, biologists, physicists, industry specialists and a sufficient financial support is needed to create optimal implants.


long bone, defect, implant, Ilizarov apparatus, osteoinduction, osteoconduction, hydroxyapatite, titanium, bioceramics, bone plasty

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