Distal posterior humeral plating for periprosthetic humeral fracture in a female patient

Voronkevich I.A., Kogan P.G., Kochish A.A., lasunskiy S.A.


A clinical case of a 70-year-old female patient with periprosthetic humeral fracture is reported. A new distal posterior humeral plate devised at our institution for nonunions and comminuted fractures of the distal humerus was used in the case. The treatment resulted in fracture healing and functional recovery of the limb at the pre-periprosthetic fracture level. Technical features of the fixator and surgical technique are described in details with cortical allograft practice used to augment thin cortical bone around the stem.


plating, humerus, periprosthetic fracture, posterior approach, stable fixation, bone allograft

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