Free osteoplasty using a vascularized fibular fragment for treatment of patients with extensive segmental defects of forearm bones

Дажин А.Ю., Минасов Б.Ш., Валеев М.М., Чистиченко С.А., Бикташева Э.М.


Purpose. Studying the effectiveness of osteoplasty using a vascularized autograft for extensive defects of forearm bones.
Materials and Methods. Surgical treatment analyzed in 25 patients with extensive segmental defects of one of forearm bones operated using a vascularized tubular bone autograft from a fibular fragment of the pool of the same-name leg vessels.
Results. Complete engraftment of the autograft occurred in 24 patients with consolidation of bone fragments and full or partial functional recovery of the limb operated. Lysis of bone flap occurred in one case.
Conclusion. The use of blood-supplied bone flaps as organ grafts in osteoplasty surgery allows to reduce the periods of surgical treatment significantly in such patients.


bone defect, forearm, autograft, vascularized, fibula fragment


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