Errors and complications in management of primary long bone tumors in the lower limbs with the Ilizarov transosseous osteosynthesis

Balaev P.I., Borzunov D.Y.


The Ilizarov method of non-free bone plasty has been widely used for management of lower limb long bones after resection of primary tumors. Analysis of errors and complications by using this method is a demanded and relevant task. Purpose We retrospectively studied the errors and complications by using the method of Ilizarov non-free bone toplasty in patients with primary neoplasms in lower limb long bones.
Material and methods
Rehabilitation of 133 patients with primary tumors of lower limb long bones was analyzed. All of them were treated with the Ilizarov method of compression-distraction osteosynthesis for bridging post-resection defects.
Our retrospective study revealed organizational, tactical, technical errors and complications, which we observed during clinical and rehabilitation stages.
Systematization of errors and associated complications allowed us to develop recommendations for their prevention and treatment.


transosseous osteosynthesis, tumors of long bones of lower limbs, errors, complications

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