Condition of the muscles of the back under lumbo-sacral orthotic treatment (literature review)

Voitenkov V.B., Min'kin A.V., Ekusheva E.V., Skripchenko N.V., Samoilova I.G., Cherkashina I.V.


Our literature review analyzes the available studies on the effect of long- and short-term lumbo-sacral orthotic (LSO) treatment on the muscles of the back.We reviewed the existing diagnostic approaches to evaluation of muscle changes, including surface EMG, measurements of muscle strength and tolerance, and findings on muscle ultrasound study. It has been revealed that none of the available works confirmed a significant negative effect of LSO, both by shortand long-term application, or atrophic changes in the muscles. Thus, we may conclude that there are no significant data on the effect of the LSO treatment on the main parameters that are measured and reflect spinal muscles weakness and/or atrophy.


lumbo-sacral orthosis, atrophy, EMG, muscles

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