Outcomes of multiple and combined bone injuries of lower limbs treated with half-pin fixator

Salokhiddinov F.B., Karimov M.Y., Tolochko K.P.


To review outcomes of lower limb injuries repaired with half-pin fixator.
Material and methods
The study included 28 patients with fractured femur and tibia due to multiple and combined injuries treated with half-pin fixator of the own construct. Mean patients’ age was 43.4 years (range, 19 to 68 years). The patients were followed up clinically for 12 to 26 months. Mean external fixation period was dependent on consolidation signs and type of fracture.
АО/ASIF type A fractures healed within 12 to 14 weeks and types B and C required 14-to-16-week fixation. Full consolidation was observed in 25 cases (89.3 %). One patient (3.6 %) with bilateral tibial fracture has developed no healing and been followed up. Malunion was noted in 2 cases (7.2 %) due to early frame removal. Three patients (10.7 %) developed pin tract infection that was arrested with locally injected antibiotics at pin sites and changing dressings.
Application of half-pin fixator devised for transosseous osteosynthesis of long bones can be the method of choice for this cohort of patients. The half-pin fixator used to repair multiple and combined injuries can stabilize general condition of the patients and provide the possibility with early ambulation regaining motion in the joints.


multiple trauma, combined injury, fracture, femur, tibial bones, external fixation, half-pin fixator

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