Repair of extensive bone defects of the knee joint with the Ilizarov frame (case report)

Solomin L.N., Shchepkina E.A., Korchagin K.L.


An extensive bone defect of the knee joint (BDKJ) is one of indications to amputation and exo-prosthesis. Reconstructive procedure with the Ilizarov method is an alternative. We present a case of a female patient with BDKJ of 16 cm, shortening of the right lower extremity of 12 cm, 6 cm hypotrophic distraction regenerate bone of the right lower leg and chronic osteomyelitis of the right femur. The total length of treatment was 67 months (51/2 years). The length of osteosynthesis including distraction and fixation stages was 43 months (31/2 years). Complications developed during the treatment did not interfere with a good anatomical and functional outcome achieved.


arthrodesis, bone loss, knee joint, Ilizarov technique, chronic osteomyelitis


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