Ortho-SUV frame: a transosseous device, the work of which is based on computer navigation

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The three-fold, five-fold change of unified repositional hinges is necessary for correction of complex multicomponental multiplanar deformities using the Ilizarov fixator. Transosseous devices the work of which is based on computer navigation (so-called hexapods) allow to move bone fragments in a single-stage manner along the “integral” trajectory. The length of each of connecting telescopic rods – struts – conforms to the initial position of bone fragments. The software calculates the change of each strut length to achieve the required bone fragment position. The made comparative analysis of the hexapods used nowadays (Taylor Spatial Frame, Ilizarov Hexapod System and Ortho-SUV Frame) has demonstrated the advantages of Ortho-SUV frame in the potentials of reposition, osteosynthesis rigidity, comfort of hardware and software use. Ortho-SUV Frame has been evaluated in treatment of 93 patients (109 cases of the frame appliance). Deformity correction (fracture reposition) was achieved by single stage without the necessity of partial remounting of the frame. Complications were observed in 14 cases (12.8 %), and they were mainly of inflammatory character.


transosseous osteosynthesis, computer navigation, repositional potentials, osteosynthesis rigidity, deformity correction, fracture reposition

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