The role of multiphase bone scintigraphy in the evaluation of perfusion-and-metabolic processes for diseases of the locomotor system in children

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The literature review on the role and significance of multiphase bone scanning in the diagnostics of the locomotor system diseases in children and adolescents is presented. The fundamentals of pharmacokinetics of the radiopharmaceutical preparations used for bone scanning (BSc) are described in detail. The modern concepts of the mechanism of their fixation in bone tissue are presented. The theoretical, methodological and clinical aspects of BSc using for diagnostics of the locomotor system diseases in children are elucidated. The results of bone scanning for different nosologic forms of this pathology are analyzed critically, as well as the criteria for effectiveness evaluation of therapeutic measures. The practical significance and prospects of using multiphase bone scanning in pediatric orthopedic practice are shown.


multiphase bone scanning, scintigraphy, orthopaedics, radiology


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