Experimental model of closed hip dislocation formation



The work deals with modeling of the hip closed dislocation in 12 hamsters, in whom at their age of 10 days the formation of Stage I of the disease was started as epiphyseal dysplasia by daily laser irradiation of the hip for 20 days with radiating power 10 mw, exposition 10 min., wave-length 0.9 μm, pulse rate 2500 Hz. After that under general anesthesia with ketamine Stages II and III of the hip dislocation were produced with mechanical vibrations made by a vibrator and transmitted to the ends of joint bones with simultaneous manual strain of ligaments and joint capsule by 1-kg force, for vibration frequency – 100 Hz and amplitude – 0.3 mm. The study of the joint preparations has shown that 7 days after displacement the volume of cavities decreases due to their deformity and hypoplasia for faster growth of the heads forming new cavities behind the external surface of the wall of previous cavities.


joint, laser, vibration, closed hip displacement


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