The characteristic features of rendering specialized orthopaedic-and-traumatologic care for injured subjects with gunshot fractures of limb long bones by the experience of battle operations in the Northern Caucasia

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Profound analysis and mathematical processing of the data have been made on the basis of 1800 medical histories of the injured subjects from the archives of the Military and Medical Museum for the purpose of evaluation of the essence and extent of specialized orthopaedic-and-traumatologic care at the stages of medical evacuation during battle operations in the Northern Caucasia in the injured subjects with gunshot wounds of limb long bones, and for that of determination of the main directions of its optimization. And the first experience of the staff members from the department of military traumatology and orthopaedics of the Military Medical Academy, who moved to the battle area as members of the specialized teams of medical reinforcement, was used as well. On the basis of the analysis made the recommendations have been given for optimization of specialized traumatologic care, the most severe and the most numerous groups of the injured subjects have been revealed, as well as the factors influencing the outcomes of their treatment to the greatest extent.


long tubular bones, gunshot fractures, rendering specialized care at the stages of evacuation


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