Clinical aspects of current radial diagnostics in traumatology and orthopaedics

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1310 patients with different injuries and diseases of the locomotor system were examined using roentgenography, USE, CT, MRT for the development and improvement of new radial diagnostics techniques in traumatology and orthopaedics. As a result of the work made, new techniques of chronic osteomyelitis diagnostics have been developed, as well as quantitative evaluation of reparative osteogenesis for limb lengthening and fracture treatment, the techniques of distraction regenerated bone evaluation, new techniques of quantitative and qualitative diagnostics of soft tissue condition for lengthening, the techniques of bone state evaluation for systemic skeletal diseases, arthrosis deformans, which are protected by 23 patents of the RF, and 6 computer programs registered in Russian Agency for patents and trade marks have been created. The diagnostics techniques proposed are widely used in clinical work to choose methods of treatment, to control the course of treatment process, to develop rehabilitation measures.


radial diagnostics, bones, joints, new techniques


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