Surgical treatment of posttraumatic gonarthrosis

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According to our data, posttraumatic gonarthrosis accounts for 47.9% of cases among degenerative-and-dystrophic diseases of the knee. The process of rehabilitation of 178 patients (188 joints) at the age of 19-70 years (51.6±0.8 years) with posttraumatic gonarthrosis of all stages has been studied in the Center clinic. The decompression-draining and decompression-correcting surgeries developed at the Center have been performed in patients depending on their anatomic-and-functional disorders. Studying isolated results demonstrated that positive results of treatment were obtained in 96.7% of cases owing to differentiated approach to surgical treatment of patients with posttraumatic gonarthrosis in complex with adequate conservative therapy.


lower limb, the knee (joint), posttraumatic gonarthrosis, surgical treatment


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