Primary replacement of the hip in a patient with bilateral coxarthrosis and femoral bone deformity at the level of metadiaphysis

Чегуров О.К., Камшилов Б.В., Колотыгин Д.А., Тряпичников А.С., Долганова Т.И., Щурова Е.Н.


The result of the hip replacement presented in a female patient with coxarthrosis in the presence of the deformity of proximal femurs after the osteotomies made before. The analysis of functional state during preoperative preparation allowed studying the characteristics of the locomotor system adaptation, as well as determining the sequence with the need to perform reconstructive replacement of the left hip at this stage. This approach allowed obtaining a positive result of treatment.


coxarthrosis, femur, deformity, replacement


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