New technologies for treatment of patients with chronic osteomyelitis – the outcome of forty-year experience of using transosseous osteosynthesis method

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The great clinical experience (more than 8,000 patients) of treatment of the the locomotor system pathology (defects, pseudoarthroses, deformities, shortenings, endoprosthetics consequences), complicated by chronic osteomyelitis, has been generalized. The main principles are presented, including pathologic process diagnostics, surgical elimination of osteomyelitic focus, limb weight-bearing restoration. The technology of osteosynthesis performance is described for different localization of destruction focus and disease stage, as well as the algorithm of treatment-and-rehabilitation measures. The developed methodology of chronic osteomyelitis treatment has allowed to achieve positive outcomes in 97.1% of cases.


chronic osteomyelitis, diagnostics, treatment, transosseous osteosynthesis

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