A monolateral wire-rod device for osteosynthesis of proximal femoral fractures and their consequences

Аллахвердиев А.С., Солдатов Ю.П.


Purpose. To develop a little-invasive technique for osteosynthesis of proximal femoral fractures which would allow to reduce the duration of surgery, as well as to increase fixation stability, implement graduated interfragmental compression, early activation of patients, and to shorten the periods of inpatient treatment.
Materials and Methods. A little-invasive technique developed for osteosynthesis of proximal femoral fractures, as well as a device for its realization in order to improve the quality of treatment.
Results. The proposed device approved in clinical setting. Surgical intervention time shortening, stable fixation and graduated interfragmental compression achieved by using the device, as well as radiation exposure decrease, the reduction of surgery time and manipulations for the exact insertion of wires and a compressing rod into the femoral head.
Conclusion. The studies demonstrated the effectiveness of using the developed device for proximal femoral injuries.


femur, fracture, treatment, osteosynthesis, a device for transosseous fixation


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