Combined osteosynthesis in rehabilitation of patients with pseudoarthroses and defects of long bones

Епишин В.В., Борзунов Д.Ю., Попков А.В., Шастов А.Л.


Purpose. To make analysis of the effectiveness of combining intraosseous reinforcement using wires with osteoinducing coating and transosseous osteosynthesis for filling long bone heterogenous defects and pseudoarthroses including those with purulent infection.
Materials and Methods. New technology proposed for treatment of patients with long bone defects and pseudoarthroses, including those complicated by chronic osteomyelitis. The potential of transosseous osteosynthesis and fragment intraosseous reinforcement by wires with hydroxylapatite coating used for patients’ rehabilitation. The authors have the experience of successful treatment of 18 patients with heterogenous defects and pseudoarthroses of long bones.
Results. Anatomical integrity of injured segments restored in all the patients, there were no osteomyelitis recurrences within 1-3 years.
Conclusion. Our modest experience of combined application of intramedullary reinforcement by using wires with hydroxylapatite coating and transosseous osteosynthesis allows making only preliminary conclusions about the effectiveness and advisability of original technological solutions for rehabilitation of patients with defects and pseudoarthroses of long bones.


transosseous osteosynthesis, reinforcement, hydroxylapatite


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