Conservative treatment evaluation in patients with II-III Stage coxarthrosis using different scales and tests

Колесников С.В., Колчанов К.В., Колесникова З.С., Тертышная М.С.


Purpose. To evaluate the effectiveness of complex conservative treatment of patients with II-III Stage coxarthrosis using different scales and tests.
Materials and Methods. 66 patients with II-III Stage coxarthrosis examined. VAS, Lequesne Algofunctional Index, McGill Questionnaire and WOMAC used in the study. The complex of conservative treatment includes the prescription of chondroprotectors, vascular and metabolism-improving preparations, NSAIDs of short course, exposure to ultrasound and laser, exercise therapy with the techniques of gravitational loading and post-isometric relaxation, as well as massage with ischemia-caused compression of trigger points.
Results. The study demonstrated that the complex treatment of patients with coxarthrosis decreased pain intensity and changed it emotively, but didn’t lead to significant joint function improvement.
Conclusion. The comprehensiveness and continuity of restorative treatment should be observed at all the stages of rehabilitation from the out-patient clinic to rehabilitation department and sanatorium in order to achieve a stable positive effect.


coxarthrosis, conservative treatment


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