Complications in surgical treatment of intra-articular proximal tibial fractures

Кутепов С.М., Гилев М.В., Антониади Ю.В.


Purpose. To analyze the errors made during treatment, and to develop the ways of their prevention.
Materials and Methods. The results of surgical treatment analyzed in 90 patients with intra-articular fractures of proximal tibia.
Results. 18 cases of local complications revealed during the analysis, that amounted to 18.1%. The key positions highlighted which allowed preventing local complication development in surgical treatment of intra-articular fractures.
Conclusion. CT and MRI use to verify articular involvement, as well as observation of the main principles of intra-articular fracture surgical treatment such as open osteosynthesis with articular surface integrity restoration and subchondral defect filling by using bone auto- and alloplasty, biocomposite materials, primarily stable osteosynthesis using support metal fixators, and a competent program of rehabilitation – all this allows to reduce the rate of errors and complications significantly.


complications, intra-articular fracture, surgical treatment


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