Distraction osteogenesis techniques in treatment of acquired and congenital shortening of the hand bones using a modified external mini-fixator

Данилкин М.Ю.


Distraction osteogenesis according to Ilizarov is the most common method of bone lengthening and deformity correction including the hand and foot bones. This method forms the basis of the main techniques used for the hand bone lengthening. The author described the technical specifications of the minifixator developed for short tubular bones, demonstrated the diagrams of its application to finger phalanges and metacarpal bones, as well as he presented the illustrative clinical cases. The hand bone lengthening performed in 394 patients (566 segments of the hand) at the Center within the period of 1999 and 2012. The performed lengthening procedure improved the hand appearance and functions.


phalange, metacarpal bone, acquired and congenital shortening, lengthening, distraction osteogenesis, mini-fixator


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