Surgical treatment of intraarticular tibial plateau fractures

Гилёв М.В.


This article presents the literature review of native, foreign and scientific publications for the last 5-10 years dealing with diagnostics and treatment of intraarticular fractures of proximal tibial epimetaphysis. The authors describe the widely used classifications of these injuries, the indications for surgical treatment, as well as they highlight the details of using internal osteosynthesis, characteristics and substantiation of selecting modern metal fixators. The use of current methods for diagnosing the intraarticular fractures of proximal tibia (CT and MRI), timely performed surgical treatment with restoring the integrity of articular surface, subchondral bone defect filling with bone autograft, and primary stable osteosynthesis using support metal fixators allow to achieve positive results, by the data of literature.


tibia, plateau, proximal part, intraarticular fracture, osteosynthesis, an external fixator, arthroscopy, AO plate, LCP plate, LISS system, autograft, allograft, heterograft, composite calcium-phosphate graft


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