The effect of blood platelet-rich plasma comprising an agent for external use on reparative osteogenesis (An experimental study)

Гребнева О.Л., Силантьева Т.А., Ковинька М.А.


Purpose. To study the possibility of influencing the blood platelet-rich plasma (BPRP) lyophylizate on bone reparative regeneration for applying BPRP as a part of an agent for external use.
Materials and Methods. The influence of Tizol gel suspension, as well as that of blood platelet-rich plasma (BPRP) lyophylizate of intact donors as a part of an agent for external use on regeneration process after rib osteotomy in recipients (laboratory mice) studied. The similarly diluted BPRP-free Tizol applied to the animals of control group. The cell composition of regeneration zone, and the biochemical values of blood serum in recipients studied ten days after surgery.
Results. A lot of cells of osteoblastic differentiation line found in the regenerated bone tissues of the animals in experimental group, as well as fewer cells of chondroblastic differentiation line (441 % and 45 % of control values, respectively). The lower calcium concentration found in blood serum of the animals in experimental group (79 % of control values).
Conclusion. The acceleration of regeneration processes concluded for this mode of BPRP using, and the approach proposed to consider this phenomenon mechanisms.


regeneration, adaptation, bone, cell composition, blood, platelets, calcium, Tizol, mice, experiment


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