Stimulation of osteoreparation in the zone of modeled femoral pseudarthrosis in rats using autologous bone marrow

Rakhimov A.M.


To study the morphological features of bone regeneration by using a local injection of autologous red bone marrow in the conditions of an experimentally produced pseudarthrosis.
Materials and methods
The study was conducted on thirty (30) white laboratory rats that were bred at the Sitenko Institute for Spine and Joint Pathology of the Ukraine National Academy of Medical Sciences (6 months old, weight of 250-270 g). The experiment was conducted according to the international rules of experimental animals protection. The protocol of the experimental studies was approved by the ethics board of the Sitenko Institute for Spine and Joint Pathology of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine.
Culturing of mesenchymal stromal cells requires high-tech laboratory equipment and takes a long period of time. Therefore, their widespread clinical use is limited. Native bone marrow that contains mesenchymal stromal cells is easily available. The process of its preparation and transplantation is not technologically difficult. Therefore, it has advantages for being used for stimulation of reparative osteogenesis in bone fractures or in disorders of reparative osteogenesis.
The study found that autologous red bone marrow stimulated bone tissue development in the zone of pseudarthrosis. The area of bone tissue was 22.8 % larger as compared with the bone area in the untreated animals. There were no pseudarthrosis-related cavities in the regenerate structure in the cases of red bone marrow injection into the zone of traumatic injury. The features of reparative process were the following: angiogenesis activation, enchondral ossification accompanied by cancellous bone tissue formation with a network of bone trabeculae, and decrease in the destructive manifestations in the maternal bone parts located above and below the injury area.


experiment, bone marrow, stromal cells, osteogenesis, rats


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