Circulation features in the acetabular vault area for dysplasia of the canine hip (An experimental study)

Бунов В.С., Кононович Н.А.


Purpose. To study the circulation of acetabulum and paraosseous tissues in the hip area of growing dogs.
Materials and Methods. Hemodynamics investigated in the bone part of acetabular vault, as well as in paraosseous soft tissues of puppies at the age of 6-11 months using rheography.
Results. The reduction of the amplitude parameters of pulse blood flow observed in the parts investigated, as well as the decrease of volumetric circulation rate in acetabular bone part in case of the absence of the differences in the value of blood inflow.
Conclusion. Based on the findings acetabular dysplasia established to be accompanied by congenital anomaly of the vascular bed.


acetabulum, dysplasia, circulation, hemodynamics, rheography, pulse blood flow, volumetric circulation rate, anomaly of the vascular bed


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