Dynamics of orthopedic values for gonarthrosis after total knee arthroplasty and rehabilitation treatment

Матвеев Р.П., Брагина С.В.


Purpose. To evaluate the results of the knee arthroplasty in patients with gonarthrosis after rehabilitation, and their quantitative characterizing the effects on quality of life.
Materials and Methods.The orthopedic status followed dynamically in 25 patients with gonarthrosis before and after total arthroplasty of the knee, 33 surgeries performed.
Results. The role and importance of the rehabilitation period has been specified: total Lequesne algofunctional indexes significantly 40.0% decreased (p less 0.001), total values of WOMAC functional index 50.9 % decreased (p less 0.001), and the values of Visual Analog Scale
(VAS) for pain 44.9 % decreased (p less 0.001). The long-term results of the knee total arthroplasty demonstrate 51.9% of joints to have the pathology and to require repeated orthopedic correction.
Conclusion. The data indicate the necessity of the patients’ dispensary observation in the postoperative period.


osteoarthrosis, gonarthrosis, arthroplasty, rehabilitation


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