Arthroscopic stabilization of the shoulder for habitual shoulder dislocation

Карасев Е.А., Карасева Т.Ю.


Purpose. To analyze the results of treatment in patients with habitual shoulder dislocation using arthroscopic technique.
Materials and Methods. The analysis of the results of treatment of 68 patients with habitual shoulder dislocation presented. The patients underwent arthroscopic stabilization of the shoulder using anchoring fixators (Bankart surgery). The features of surgical technique and postoperative rehabilitation highlighted.
Results. Short-term results of treatment (up to one year) evaluated in 35 patients, long-term ones – in 11 patients. Positive results observed in all the patients during the nearest follow-up, and in 10 (90.1%) patients during the long-term follow-up. Dislocation recurrence occurred in one case due to sharp adduction and external rotation of the shoulder (work with cable cutters); the dislocation was single, being corrected by the patient independently.
Conclusion. This technique is efficient and advisable for treating the shoulder habitual dislocation. Arthroscopic stabilization of the shoulder for its habitual dislocations allows to achieve the shoulder stability recovery with limb function maintenance in full, minimum invasiveness of surgical intervention, and low recurrence.


arthroscopy, the shoulder (joint), habitual dislocation, Bankart surgery


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